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Finally!  These much-sought-after 100% tobacco-free herbal cigarettes are here! 
Your local corner store doesn't sell them, and chances are,
the nearest tobacco shop doesn't sell them either.

Attention Art Directors & Prop Masters
For Theatre and Film Industry
Discounts now available on cartons with optional overnight shipping anywhere in the U.S.
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Honeyrose herbal cigarettes tend to be a favorite of all the herbals because they have a sweet honey taste, and are extremely smooth compared to other herbals on the market.

Imported from England, Honeyrose herbal cigarettes contain no tobacco and no nicotine, and are available in a variety of flavors:  Vanilla, Clove, Ginseng, Deluxe, Menthol, Lights, and the newest arrivals,
Strawberry, Cherry, & Chocolate.

Shipping discounts are available on larger quantities, so call or email us if you
would like to purchase by the carton. 

All methods of payment are accepted
over the phone.


English Honeyrose Exotic Herbals

The Exotic Blends



Honeyrose Pricing:

Honeyrose Deluxe
Honeyrose Menthol 
$5.50 per pack (no minimum).

Honeyrose Lights (Blue)
Honeyrose Clove
Honeyrose Ginseng
Honeyrose Vanilla
Honeyrose Cherry
Honeyrose Strawberry
Honeyrose Chocolate
$6.50 per pack (no minimum).



English Honeyrose Deluxe Herbals




Imported from China, (two types are now manufactured in the U.S.) Ecstacy herbal cigarettes are available in five different "flavors":  Ecstacy Regular Herbal, Ecstacy Mild, Ecstacy Full Flavor, Ecstacy Menthol, & Ecstacy Cannabis-Free. 

Priced at $4.00 a pack, Shipping discounts available on larger quantities, email me in advance if your order qualifies.

Rest assured, these herbal cigarettes contain no tobacco and no nicotine, thereby assisting in quitting the nicotine habit, as well as satisfying the oral fixation.



Original Chinese Ecstacy Herbals


Ecstacy Herbals








Ecstacy CannabisFree
(black box) taste and smell somewhat minty, much like spearmint mixed with other natural herbs.  These particular cigarettes are the talk of the party due to their interesting aroma.
Herbal cigarettes have been used in Hollywood for years by actors who don't want to smoke real tobacco in films.


For a list of ingredients and to make a purchase, click the link to the right of the picture.------>





Ecstacy Cannabis-Free Herbals







The Dreams company in Belgium manufactures many high-quality cigarettes, including California Dreams (multi-colored cigarettes), Sweet Dreams (cherry flavored cigarettes), Midnight Dreams (black cigarettes), to name just a few, as well as an herbal line, Herbal Dreams.  They cost a bit more than other herbals due to the fact that they "taste more like real tobacco" than Ecstacy or Honeyrose.

Sorry, this product has been
discontinued by the manufacturer.


Herbal Dreams


Herbal Dreams







Sorry, this product has been
discontinued by the manufacturer.



Smokin Joes Herbal Gold



Smokin Joes Herbal Gold




Clove Smokes was started in March 2005 in Miami-Dade county, Florida.  It began as an idea to supply Indonesian clove cigarettes (kreteks) to the gothic community by selling inside various clubs, and outside on the street where city ordinances allowed. 

The first venue was set up at Vamp inside Club Sonar on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood.  With thanks to Joseph & Lisa from Abusement Park Entertainment, we set up kretek stands at other AP Entertainment venues such as DV8
(an afterhours club) and Darc Karnival.

Today, with the anti-tobacco campaign going full-speed ahead, my #1 line of smokes is herbal cigarettes, containing no tobacco or nicotine, just all natural garden-variety herbs such as wild lettuce & mint leaves.  They may smell funny when you light them up, but it beats enduring the ill-effects tobacco has on your lungs, as well as the physical dependence of nicotine.  This could be the first step to quitting smoking by satisfying the oral habit of having a cigarette, while eliminating the harmful tobacco.

Although herbal cigarettes are the safer alternative to smoking tobacco, they are still hazardous to your health.  They produce tar and carbon monoxide, therefore I advise people not to inhale smoke of any kind
Basically, smoking kills.

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