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Are you tired of actors complaining about the horrible-tasting herbal cigarettes they smoke on the set?  You don’t have to use the low-budget herbals anymore.  We now offer high-quality, better-tasting herbal cigarettes in assorted flavors at the same price you’ve probably been paying for the “other” brand.

We ship worldwide via US Postal Service:  normally U.S.P.S. Priority, but Express (Overnight) shipping is available.

Because Express is so expensive and we hate to see you waste your money, we suggest that you plan ahead; if you know you have a production coming up, order your herbals well in advance and save yourself some money (and headaches from stressing over deadlines). 

If you’re unfamiliar with the various herbal cigarettes currently on the market, take a minute to look over the features of each variety as well as the photos detailing the differences between them -  because we know appearance is important to you!


*Note:  Each carton contains 10 packs.  Each pack contains 20 herbal cigarettes.


The Honeyrose line is said the be the best-tasting of all the herbals.  (Many tobacco smokers use the Honeyrose herbal system to help kick the nicotine habit.) 
Discounted pricing Honeyrose is:

Honeyrose Exotic Blends:  Vanilla, Ginseng, Clove,
Strawberry, Cherry, or Chocolate.  Also includes "Blue" (Lights).
Honeyrose Deluxe Blends:  Deluxe or Menthol
$60 per carton if ordering 1-2 cartons  (normally $6.50 per pack, you save $5.00) $50 per carton if ordering 1-2 cartons     (normally $5.50 per pack, you save $5.00)
$55 per carton on 3-4 cartons $45 per carton on 3-4 cartons
$50 per carton on 5 or more cartons $40 per carton on 5 or more cartons

We also stock Honeyrose loose herbal mixture for "roll-your-own" use, priced at $8.50 per pouch
(suggested retail price is $9.50).

Ecstacy Herbal Smokes

Ecstacy Herbal cigarettes, available in 5 varieties:  Ecstacy Original, Ecstacy Full Flavor, Ecstacy Mild, Ecstacy Menthol, and Ecstacy CannabisFree. 
Normally the least expensive and most readily available at any specialty smoke shop, Ecstacy is priced at: 
$35 per carton if ordering 1-3 cartons
$30 per carton if ordering 4 or more cartons

Chakra Caffeinated Herbal Bidis

Chakra Herbal Bidis are hand-rolled cigarettes from India, tiny in size & wrapped in a Tendu leaf tied with a string (which holds a piece of cotton inside the cigarette as a filter).  Available in 5 flavors:  Grape, Cherry, Strawberry, Vanilla, or Clove. 
The cost is $4.00 per pack of 20 bidis.


Honeyrose Loose Herbal Mixture Smells Delicious!      


                                             Notice the difference between Ecstacy before & after LIP (firesafe) standards.

* * * * *

A little about our company:
We started Clove Smokes in March of 2005 supplying clove cigarettes, rolling papers, and herbal cigarettes locally, as well as non-tobacco products online. 
The herbal line has taken precedence over all other products in the past year, mainly due to people trying to quit the nicotine habit, and also in part due to the FDA ban on flavored tobacco cigarettes, cloves included as of September 22, 2009.
We try to stock every variety of herbal available on the market and we’re always looking for new products. 

Our store is located at 229 North Krome Avenue in historic downtown Homestead, Florida.
Check us out on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1055762881

We ship worldwide, but walk-ins always welcome!  Call (305) 242-8884 to place an order.

Accepted methods of payment:
American Express, Discover, Visa, Mastercard.